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Approved Resolutions

DateTypeDescriptionView File
2018ResolutionAnnual Report ResolutionView File
2018ResolutionHaskins Landing Lease ResolutionView File
2018ResolutionFinal Haskins Landing Lease ResolutionView File
2018ResolutionRatification ResolutionView File
2018ResolutionFY2018-8 ResolutionView File
2018Board Staff PositionPosition Description for the Board Staff Position of DirectorView File
2018ResolutionTable of Organization ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionResolution Ratification of ActionsView File
2017ResolutionFinance Director Position ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionClinical Manager VacationView File
2017Resolution2016 Year End Adjustments View File
2017ResolutionFY2017-8 ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionFY2017-9 ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionFY2017-11 ResoltuionView File
2017ResolutionNAMI Contract Amendment ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionFY2017-13 IPS ResolutionView File
2017AppropriationsTemp Appropriations CYView File
2017ResolutionBoard Directors ResolutionView File
2017ContractOOD ContractView File
2017ResolutionFamily Service Reentry Services ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionWorking Partners ResolutionView File
2017ChartTable of Organizational ChartView File
2017PolicyPolicy Re-employment of Board RetiresView File
2017AmendmentPolicy Amendment to Approve Fiscal Year BudgetView File
2017ResolutionNAMI Wood County Contract Amendment ResolutionView File
2017Notice120 Day NoticeView File
2017ResolutionStrategic Plan ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionZepf Contract Amendment ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionAnnual Appropriations ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionSlate of Officer ResolutionView File
2017Budget Estimate2018 Calendar Year Budget EstimateView File
2017PlanFY2018 Community PlanView File
2017Resolution2018 Board Budget ResolutionView File
2017BudgetSystem of Care BudgetView File
2017ResolutionARM Contract ResolutionView File
2017ResolutionCocoonView File
2017ResolutionChildren's Resource CenterView File
2017ContractESC ContractView File
2017ContractFSNO ContractView File
2017ContractHarbor ContractView File
2017ContractNAMI ContractView File
2017ContractZepf ContractView File
2017ContractArrowhead Behavioral Health Contract ResolutionView File
2017ContractMercy Health ContractView File
2017ContractPro Medica Health Systems ContractView File
2017Resolution Delegation of AuthorityView File
2017AmendmentARM ContractView File
2017AmendmentFSNWO Contract AmendmentView File
2017AmendmentZepf Contract AmendmentView File
2017AmendmentHarbor Contract AmendmentView File
2017ResolutionFY2017-01 ResolutionView File
2017AmendmentFY2017-08 AmendmentView File
2017AmendmentCRC Contract AmendmentView File
2018ResolutionLevy ResolutionView file
2018ResolutionSystem of Care BudgetView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 ARM ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 CRC ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 ESC ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 Harbor ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 NAMI ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 Unison ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 Zepf ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 Thread Marketing ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 WC Prosecutor's ContractView File
2018ResolutionFY 19 WC Prodecutor's Amended ContractView File
2018ResolutionBoard Delegation of AuthorityView File