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What is Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)?
Often referred to as the “grand-daddy of evidence-based practices (EBP)”, ACT is the oldest and most widely researched EBP. It originated in Madison, Wisconsin at Mendota State Hospital. It was developed, originally, to support individuals who were recently discharged from a state institution. As mental health professionals began to provide supports for individuals as they re-integrated into the community, they found people were able to achieve stability and a certain level of independence, which resulted in fewer hospitalizations and greater quality of life for those individuals served.
The following resources are contained in the Assertive Community Treatment, Training Manual: ACT 101/102, from the Ohio Coordinating Center for ACT:

  • ACT 101/102 PowerPoint
  • ACT Sample Job Descriptions
  • ACT Resources: Bibliography and Web Resources
  • ACT Fidelity: DACTS, Protocol, and Program Development Model
  • Select ACT Articles and Reports
  • Sample ACT Comprehensive Assessment Forms
  • Sample ACT Team Meeting Forms
For more information about Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and the Ohio Coordinating Center for ACT visit http://www.ohioactcenter.org/whatisact.html

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