The Wood County ADAMHS Board and the not-for-profit agencies we support are dedicated to providing local residents with the highest quality, most cost effective and confidential services possible for individuals challenged with mental illness and/or substance abuse/addictions. Through a combined focus on education, prevention, early intervention and treatment our behavioral health system will help to improve lives in Wood County.

Stigma Busters is an original podcast created by the Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board. Join our conversations with local mental health professionals and advocates in the Wood County, Ohio community as we address stigma in mental health and substance use issues. Mental health can & will affect us all, but we still don’t talk enough about it…why not? Together, Lets weed out stigma & plant seeds of understanding. Take a listen and grow your mind!

Suicide Prevention Resource Guide 2023

Opioid Resource Guide 2/2023

Drug Drop Off Locations:

 Wood County Drug Disposal Box List

Wood County Crisis Line

Wood County Crisis Line: 419-502-HOPE (4673)
Reentry Coalition: (567) 246-0761

Resources for Family and Supports

Celebrate Recovery/Cedar Creek Church: (419)-661-8661
Families Recover Too: (419) 262-2436
NAMI: (419) 352-0626
Mental Health First Aid Training:
• Adults: (419) 352-0626
• Youth: (419) 354-9010
Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board: (419) 352-8475

Additional Substance Use Supports

Alcoholics Anonymous: (419) 380-9862 Toledo AA Area 55
Celebrate Recovery/Dayspring Church BG: (419) 352-0672
Heroin Anonymous: (419) 322-0619
Narcotics Anonymous: (800) 587-4232
Racing for Recovery: (419) 824-8462
Team Recovery: (419) 561-5433

Crisis Services

If you are having an emergency, call 911

Wood County Crisis Line: 419-502-HOPE (4673)
Cocoon (Domestic and Sexual Violence): (419) 373-1730 Option #2
Children’s Resource Center: (888) 466-5437
Wood Lane (Developmental Disabilities): (419) 352-5115

Mental Health Services

OhioGuidestone: (419) 873-8280 or 419-359-5621
Children’s Resource Center: (419) 352-7588
Harbor: (419) 352-5387
Unison: (419) 352-4624

Substance Abuse Services Inpatient

Arrowhead: (419) 891-9333
Devlac Hall (Women): (419) 352-6460
Fresh Start (Men): (419) 924-2029
Salvation Army (Men): (419) 241-2299
Serenity Haven (Women): (419) 237-3103

Outpatient and/or Medication Assisted Treatment

OhioGuideston: (419) 873-8280 or 419-359-5621
Arrowhead: (419) 891-9333
Children’s Resource Center: (419) 352-7588
Harbor: (419) 352-5387
Unison: (419) 352-4624

Other Needs?

BG Christian Food Pantry: (419) 353-5174
Career Link IPS: (419) 352-0600
Dental Center: (866) 378-6965
Job and Family Services: (419) 352-7566
Job One USA: (419) 315-1998
Perrysburg Christians United Food Pantry: (419) 874-4365
Salvation Army: (419) 352-5918
Transportation: (844) 353-6779
Veteran Office: (614) 336-6615
Wood County Area Ministries: (419) 353-9305
Wood County Committee on Aging: (419) 353-5661
Wood County Health & Wellness Center: (419) 354-9049

Consumer Information

Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (Wood County ADAMHS) provides a variety of advocacy services for consumers and families, including but not limited to sharing mental illness and addiction resources, and providing assistance to resolve complaints and grievances. Wood County ADAMHS collaborates with partner agencies, community boards, treatment providers and stakeholders to address advocacy issues, client rights, allegations of abuse or neglect, and respond to larger systems issues.

» Our policy manual is currently under revision.  If you wish to file a grievance, please call the office at 419-352-8475
» Ohio Revised Code Client Rights