DateDescriptionView File
2016-07FY2017-1 Gambling Consultant (Ivoska)View File
2016-08FY2017-2 Resolution Ratification of ActionsView File
2016-08FY2017-4 Finance Director Position ResolutionView File
2016-08FY2017-6 Approval of New HireView File
2016-09FY2017-7 Year End Adjustments (FY16)View File
2016-09FY2017-8 Amended FY2017 System of Care BudgetView File
2016-09FY2017-9 Cocoon Community Assistance FundsView File
2016-10FY2017-10 Annual ReportView File
2016-11FY2017-11 Approval of New HireView File
2016-11FY2017-12 NAMI Contract AmendmentView File
2016-11FY2017-13 IPS ResolutionView File
2016-11FY2017-15 Temporary Appropriations CY2017View File
2016-11FY2017-16 Board D&O InsuranceView File
2016-11FY2017-17 OOD ContractView File
2016-11FY2017-19 Family Service Reentry CoalitionView File
2016-11FY2017-20 Working PartnersView File
2017-01FY2017-21 Table of Organizational ChartView File
2017-01FY2017-22 Policy 8 Re-employment of Board RetireesView File
2017-01FY2017-23 Policy 12 Amendment to Approve Fiscal Year BudgetView File
2017-01FY2017-24 NAMI 1st AmendmentView File
2017-02FY2017-25 120 Day NoticeView File
2017-01FY2017-26 Strategic Plan ResolutionView File
2017-03FY2017-27 Zepf 1st Amendment View File
2017-03FY2017-28 Arrowhead 2st AmendmentView File
2017-04FY2017-29 Annual Appropriations CY2017View File
2017-05FY2017-30 Responding to Ohio's Opiate EpidemicView File
2017-05FY2017-31 Slate of Officer'sView File
2017-06FY2017-32 CY18 Budget EstimateView File
2017-06FY2017-33 SFY2018 Community PlanView File
2017-06FY2017-34 Board Budget FY2018View File
2017-06FY2017-35 FY18 System of Care BudgetView File
2017-06FY2017-36 ARM FY18 ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-37 Cocoon FY18 COntractView File
2017-06FY2017-38 CRC FY18 ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-39 ESC ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-40 FSNO ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-41 Harbor ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-42 NAMI ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-43 Zepf ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-44 Arrowhead Behavioral Health Contract ResolutionView File
2017-06FY2017-45 Mercy Health ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-46 ProMedica Health Systems ContractView File
2017-06FY2017-47 Delegation of AuthorityView File