FY2020 Approved Resolutions

DateDescriptionView File
2019-8FY 2020-1 Bylaw Article XIV AmendmentView File
2019-8FY 2020-4 Net Plus ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-5 Marion Area Counseling ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-6 Fostoria School ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-7 Credit Card ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-8 Community Plan ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-10 ARC ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-3 Pathstone Contract ResolutionView File
2019-8FY 2020-2 Sojourn at Seneca VOS Contract ResolutionView File
2019-9FY 2020-9 Ad-Hoc Executive Director RecommendationView File
2019-9FY 2020-11 Executive Director Hire RecommendationView File
2019-9FY 2020-12 Executive Director Hire ResolutionView File
2019-10FY 2020-13 Annual Report ResolutionView File
2019-11FY 2020-14 D & O Insurance PolicyView File
2019-11FY 2020-15 Board of DD MOUView File
2019-11FY 2020-16 CocoonView File
2019-11FY 2020-17 CRCView File
2019-11FY 2020-18 EngageView File
2019-11FY 2020-19 Unison Crisis Flex FundingView File
2019-11FY 2020-20 Unison Project DawnView File
2019-11FY 2020-21 Unison SUD SORView File
2019-11FY 2020-22 Sick Time AccrualView File
2019-11FY 2020-23 Board Reserve Fund PolicyView File
2019-11FY 2020-24 ARM SUD SORView File
2019-11FY 2020-25 Harbor SUD SORView File
2019-11FY 2020-26 Ascent SORView File
2019-12FY 2020-27 Executive Director Sick Leave BalanceView File
2019-12FY 2020-28 BGSU Re-Entry Assistance ProgramView File
2019-12FY 2020-29 GMU Re-Entry Assistance ProgramView File
2020-01FY 2020-30 Comp Time Salaried EmployeesView File
2020-01FY 2020-31 Intech ContractView File
2020-01FY 2020-32 120 Day NoticeView File
2020-01FY 2020-33 Table of OrganizationView File
2020-2FY 2020-34 UC Corrections InstituteView File
2020-2FY 2020-35 Amendment to Training and Consultation ServicesView File
2020-2FY 2020-36 Annual AppropriationsView File
2020-3FY 2020-37 Harbor Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-38 Unison Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-39 ARM Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-40 CRC Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-41 Zepf Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-42 Cocoon Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-43 NAMI Contract AmendmentView File
2020-3FY 2020-44 System of Care BudgetView File
2020-3FY 2020-45 ESC Contract AmendmentView File
2020-4FY 2020-46 TeleconferencingView File
2020-5FY 2020-47 Board Administrative Budget FY 21View File
2020-6FY 2020-48 Harbor AmendmentView File
2020-6FY 2020-49 ACF Fostoria JunctionView File
2020-6FY 2020-50 Healing HeartsView File
2020-6FY 2020-51 ProMedica FY21View File
2020-6FY 2020-52 (Pulled during meeting, approved as resolution FY 2021-3)
2020-6FY 2020-53 Recovery ServicesView File
2020-6FY 2020-54 Carla DavisView File
2020-6FY 2020-55 TIC-DBTView File
2020-6FY 2020-56 FullenkampView File
2020-6FY 2020-57 Peer Support (Kidder)View File
2020-6FY 2020-58 GOSHView File
2020-6FY 2020-59 Estimate of Revenue and ExpensesView File
2020-6FY 2020-59 Estimate of Revenue and Expenses (attachments)View File
2020-6FY 2020-60 Slate of OfficersView File