2023-8-28FY2024-01 Guardianship BoardView File
2023-8-28FY2024-02 Board Staff Job DescriptionView File
2023-8-28FY2024-03 Haskins Landing LeaseView File
2023-8-28FY2024-04 MOU WCBDDView File
2023-10-23FY2024-05 Harbor Capital Project SupportRescinded, see Resolution FY2024-09
2023-10-23FY2024-06 ARC ContractView File
2023-10-23FY2024-07 Executive Director Personal DaysView File
2023-10-23FY2024-08 Guardship Board ContributionView File
2023-10-23FY2024-09 Harbor Capital Project SupportView File
2023-10-23FY2024-10 D&O PolicyView File
2023-10-23FY2024-11 CY2024 Temporary AppropriationsView File
2023-10-23FY2024-12 Annual ReportView File
2023-10-23FY2024-13 Cocoon VOCA AgreementView File
2024-1-22FY2024-14 CRC ARPA Capital ProjectView File
2024-2-26FY2024-15 Levy Renewal (1.6 mil)View File
2024-2-26FY2024-16 CY2024 Annual AppropriationsView File
2024-2-26FY2024-17 Cocoon SOS AgreementView File
2024-2-26FY2024-18 120-Day NoticeView File
2024-2-26FY2024-19 MOU WCBDDView File
2024-2-26FY2024-20 George MasonView File
2024-2-26FY2024-21 Fairfield ADAMHS GOSHView File
2024-3-25FY2024-22 FY25 Board Admin BudgetView File
2024-3-25FY2024-23 Mercy 1st AmendmentView File
2024-4-15FY2024-24 Great Lakes Training IncView File
2024-4-15FY2024-25 Haskins Landing LeaseView File
2024-4-15FY2024-26 Zepf 1st AmendmentView File
2024-4-29FY2024-27 Arrowhead 1st AmendmentView File
2024-4-29FY2024-28 Unison 1st AmendmentView File
2024-4-29FY2024-29 Ridgeview hospitalView File
2024-4-29FY2024-30 CRC ARPA AgreementView File
2024-5-13FY2024-31 George MasonView File
2024-5-13FY2024-32 MOU Health DepartmentView File
2024-5-20FY2024-33 FY25 System of Care BudgetView File
2024-5-20FY2024-34 BGPD AgreementView File
2024-5-20FY2024-35 Carla Davis (Tabled)
2024-5-20FY2024-36 Chess Health 1st Amendment (Not Passed)View File
2024-5-20FY2024-37 Arrowhead AgreementView File
2024-5-20FY2024-38 Mercy St. Charles AgreementView File
2024-5-20FY2024-39 Fairfield GOSHView File
2024-5-20FY2024-40 AOT Attorney (Smith)View File
2024-5-20FY2024-41 AOT Attorney (Werth)View File
2024-5-20FY2024-42 HOPE in FostoriaView File
2024-5-20FY2024-43 CRC FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-44 Harbor FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-45 OhioGuidestone FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-46 Unison FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-47 Zepf FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-48 ESC FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-49 NAMI FY25 ContractView File
2024-5-20FY2024-50 Healing HeartsView File
2024-5-20FY2024-51 FRC Steady PathView File
2024-5-20FY2024-52 InTech IT SolutionsView File
2024-5-20FY2024-53 Versaterm CaseWorXView File
2024-5-20FY2024-54 Staff Salary RangesView File
2024-5-20FY2024-55 FY25 Slate of OfficersView File
2024-5-20FY2024-56 Executive Director Pay IncreaseView File